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Help Boost Reviews, Win a Signed Print Copy of Book 2!

The Elemental Myths series needs more reviews on Amazon! Actually, it needs more reviews everywhere!…

Cadence’s Song: A Character’s Words Come to Life

At the very beginning of Cadence’s Cauldron, the title character steps onto stage and sings…

Happy Month-Day: A Celebration of Cadence’s Cauldron’s One Month Launch Date

Today marks the one-month anniversary of the release of Cadence’s Cauldron, Book 4 of the…

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About the Author

nicole-pouchet-profileStill amazed to be an adult, Nicole has managed to center her life around raising her two small sons, being true to her family (including husband and friends), and running a bi-coastal marketing agency. She recently traveled cross-country from the D.C. area to Bellevue, Washington and find that she enjoys the rain. Happiest near the water, Nicole spends her free hours plotting her next escape, writing, and staring at the ceiling.

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