Author Story Interview

I had a blast doing an interview for Author Story last week. You can listen here.

And, here’s a blurb from the written interview, posted on the Author Story website:

“Just straight romance, where boy meets girl, boy dumps girl or girl dumps boy and they get together – that doesn’t quite do it for me. I like to have some kind of world building or something that goes along with it.” ~Nicole Pouchet

Nicole started out as an author writing memoirs and doing non-fiction. As a child, she read poetry, Shakespeare and other literary classics and serious literature and only began reading romance novels in her early twenties after getting depressed by a book she had read. She liked these (paranormal romance) so much that she decided to write what she loved in addition to handling and owning a marketing agency, which is her day job. Trapped By a Song is actually her third published romance novel, and counts Shakespeare, poet Nikki Giovanni. Nicole mentions Outlander series author, Diana Gabaldon, in particular, as the latter’s work can’t just be tied down to romance but also contains such elements as time travel and history, which appeals greatly to her…

Read more online at Author Story.

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