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Elemental Myths, Volume 1: Books 1-3, A Paranormal Romance Series

Books 1-3 of the Elemental Myths Series

Under our noses and in plain sight, a war rages between the ancient gods and goddesses of Incan mythology. With each celestial battle, mankind draws ever closer to apocalypse—unless those gifted by the Mother Earth goddess with supernatural gifts go forward to meet their destiny. Elemental Myths is an award-winning paranormal romance / magical realism series where ancient myth meets modern-day sensibilities, all wrapped up in a delicious mix of sensual romance and a twisting plot.

Publishers Weekly says: “Nicole Pouchet provides an intriguing blend of the earthly and supernatural worlds with emotional telepathy, reincarnation, superhero-like powers, and explosive carnal energy.”

10,000 years ago at the height of the ancient Incan empire, Ceiba must honor her sacred destiny as Mother Earth’s high priestess by marrying the Spirit world’s own representative. Ceiba must choose between duty and the forbidden love she finds with her guard. And whatever choice she makes, the implications will reverberate far into the future.

Actress Layla Cohen and her director Sebastian Tawanti both share a mutual and forbidden attraction that they would be wise to ignore. However, the play that they’re working on is making things difficult. So is the feeling that someone is going to die—and soon—unless the two can crack the code in time.

Lawyers shouldn’t teleport—but Annie Birch just did, and right into the arms of a tall, dark and handsome stranger. As she struggles to control her new powers and fend off yet more gorgeous men, she also has to choose: to join the mystical fight against evil, or focus on her legal career.

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