Cadence’s Song: A Character’s Words Come to Life

SirenaSingingAt the very beginning of Cadence’s Cauldron, the title character steps onto stage and sings a beautiful, impromptu song about love in a simpler time. Cadence mesmerizes the audience with her sultry tones and relaxed attitude:

Applause erupted as Cadence took the stage.

“Thank you.” Grasping the mic in her hand, she gave a small bow to the pianist bathed in soft spotlight behind her.

A soulful pattering across the keys began. David was a master accompanist, and his jazz tunes introduced her new song perfectly.

“This little ditty poured from my mind in the middle of the night. I dedicate it to my dream lover. Whoever you are.” She closed her eyes and imagined the sensual feel of the fantasy man who’d been invading her dreams every night for the past week, letting her hips sway to the music. Someone in the crowd whistled as she sang.

Caress me with your bright eyes;
Stroke my heart with your heat;
Pull me into the tall grasses;
Devour before you eat.

Love in a simpler time,
Never again so fine,
Love in a simpler time,
You’ll always be mine.

This character is loosely based on London jazz singer, Sirena Riley. In a glorious case of life imitating art, Sirena and pianist, Tom Donald recorded the song I wrote for the book in real life! Here’s a snippet of the full version:

Want to hear more of Sirena’s music? Check out her website at!

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