Help Boost Reviews, Win a Signed Print Copy of Book 2!

LaylasGale_Cover_071415The Elemental Myths series needs more reviews on Amazon! Actually, it needs more reviews everywhere! I know from the stats that hundreds of people are reading the books and even signing up for my happy newsletter to find out more info. (Have you signed up yet?)

But, that all-important REVIEW is still ever-elusive for my books. So, I’m doing a give-away to help drive more reviews. Until Tuesday, I’m giving away ten free, autographed copies of Layla’s Gale (Book 2 of the Elemental Myths series) at random. Here’s an easy chance to win one!

All you have to do for the chance to win an autographed copy is review Ceiba’s Grace (Book 1), and post that review far and wide. Amazon? Goodreads? iBooks? Barnes & Noble? Wherever you got the first book is a great spot to post. And, if you want to pick up a few extra entries, post to the others as well.

These reviews are used in algorithms to decide which books get featured and all the important jazz that leads to more readers finding the books.

Many thanks for your help!!

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