Such an Honor Advances to PAGE Screenwriting Awards Quarter-Finals

My short screenplay, Such an Honor, just advanced to the Quarter-Finalist stage of the PAGE Screenwriting Awards Contest. It’s–no pun intended–such an honor for my short story to be included among these ranks! According to PAGE:

After the first two rounds of competition, our Judges have narrowed down the field to the top 10% of all the entries in this year’s contest. To give you a rough idea of the breakdown, over 100 scripts advanced in both the Drama and Comedy categories, 90-100 scripts advanced in both the Thriller/Horror and Action/Adventure categories, and 50-80 scripts advanced in each of the other categories – all adding up to a total of 821 Quarter-Finalists.

I’m thrilled to have Such an Honor move forward!

Such an Honor
Original Sci-Fi Short
A mockumentary chronicles an aging actress’s decision to defy the trend of uploading her personality into a synthetic new body.

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