Nicole is a full-time screenwriter with several specs competing in competitions and circulating the industry. All specs have been registered with the WGAW. Please contact Nicole for additional info.

Sci-fi / Horror short
An unseen force kills travelers stranded on a broken-down bus near Seattle. Biases ratchet up the tension when they suspect the murders aren’t random.
Top-10 Semi-finalist in Eat Crow Horror 2017 Scriptwriting Competition

Sci-fi / Fantasy spec TV pilot
A Las Vegas police detective struggles to solve magical cases with her new government partner when their own existence as paranormal beings becomes a crime.
Adapted from Trapped by a Song. Semi-finalist in Screencraft 2016 Cinematic Short Story Contest. Semi-finalist in WeScreenplay 2017 Diverse Voices Screenplay Contest: 97th percentile score.
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The Case for Humanity
Sci-fi original feature
When a scientist discovers the cure for aging, she is called upon to defend humanity’s morality in an Inter-Planetary Council trial in order to prevent the genocide of all mankind.
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Such an Honor
Sci-fi short
A mockumentary chronicles an aging actress’s decision to defy the trend of uploading her personality into a synthetic new body.
Finalist in 2017 PAGE Award.